3D Printing technology

In most cases, when printing plastic parts on 3D printers, the plastic parts are ready for use immediately.

As well as the plastic molding, 3D printing can offer a wide range of the print plastic colors. However, there are specific recommendations given for their size, because large details may deform or fail to meet quality standards. Therefore, only plastic parts of certain size can be printed.

3D printing process is longer than the plastic molding and the printing time of the parts starts from an hour and can take up to several tens of hours.

When printing elements on 3D SLA technology printers, an extremely high level of accuracy is achieved and the products are very strong and durable. However, it also should be noted that the strength of the plastic product will depend on 3D printing direction. So, it is worth to consider at which angle the printed part will be the strongest.

Because 3D printing is a rather slow technology that requires a lot of attention, it is better to choose this type of production for the prototypes, small print production or single products.